Go back to home A 3d scan of my pigeon Masha

Creating 3D scans

How easy is it to create 3D scans using your phone? I've done it a couple times now and would love to show off some results.


I've created some 3D scans using a phone app called Polycam (https://poly.cam/). I've had some interesting results, and would love to share what I've done.

A couple of key things have made it difficult to get good scans. First you need some nice even lighting. Second you need to move the camera - it doesn't handle rotating the subject object (or a living object moving). Third I'm finding it hard to get good lighting for the objects within ThreeJS. The models put into some GLTF viewers are good, but in my own implementation they become very dark.

So far I've done 2 decent scans: my Archaon miniature, and my pigeon Masha (while she's sleeping).