All Manor of Duns

Old metal archon, with three skulls at his chest, a mauve cape, a blue sword, and a golden shield.
A chaos warrior in teal and gold army, with a Curseling that has red to yellow feathers. A mega-gargant, with pallid skin, purple clothes, and a yellow-gold beard.
Knight of Shrouds
Lady Olynder, with a bloody red cloak, yellow veil, and golden crown. Two ghost crossbow men, one pointing with a crow on its head, and one with a banner.
Kurt with a zweihander standing on a boat split in half.
A guardian of souls, wielding a sword and a lantern - both rusted beyond repair. A mounted chaos lord, wielding a large sickle while riding a demonic horse.
A Lord Executioner, weilding a bloody axe, weighed down by a hangman's post, with a swarm of spirits trailing behind.
Daarkan, Tain of Baalor A chaos chariot with two demonic steeds leading the charge.
The black coach is being pulled by four horses, that change from blue mist to red flesh and bones.
Tiny futuristic soldiers with yellow armor pads, and red helmets. A lino carving of a skull on a table puking out a flow of liquid.
This bird-humanoid carries a hammer, with a loin-cloth and rusty scraps of metal for armor.