Go back to home 4 metal, 1 resin, and 1 plastic chaos minis on wood plank bases

Making my chaos shrine my own

I wanted to add a chaos shrine to my slaves to darkness army, but wanted to make it my own. Seeing so many creative conversions online I wanted to do something similar, but also not too ambitious.

Idea behind the conversion

My initial idea was a bit too ambitious, mainly because I didn't know the scale of the original chaos shrine. I had wanted to place multiple minis onto it, each representing a chaos god - this quickly became impossible, as the shrine can only handle one 32mm base.

Instead of having multiple, I changed my idea to having the ability to swap between each of the chaos gods - so having a mini for each, magnetized, that can sit on the shrine for a battle. This also means I can use them outside of this conversion as additional chaos models.

Next up

The next thing to do is actually build + paint the models. I'm not sure what else I'll change about the shrine itself, but hopefully I can create some cool basing, add some neat bits and bobs.

I'm also doing a bit of crafting to create a nice base for the six champions to sit on, while not on the shrine itself.

  • Popsicle sticks marked with holes marked for 6 minis