Go back to home Old metal archon, with three skulls at his chest, a mauve cape, a blue sword, and a golden shield.

Archaon the Everchosen

"Archaon, born Diederick Kastner, is the thirteenth and current Everchosen of Chaos, also known as the Three-Eyed King, the Herald of the Apocalypse and the Lord of the End Times." - warhammer fantasy wiki

An older metal model, perched upon a crystal, ready to fight in my slaves to darkness army as a Chaos Lord. There's something about these metal minis that's so much fun to paint, maybe it's the simpler details or the weighty feel of it, but I love it.

My love for Him

I truly loved painting this mini. Something about the simpler armour, bigger elements, and the pose just come together to be great. I particularly enjoyed trying some NMM, with how the shield turned out.

The crystal base was also fun to do, though as it's foam it's a bit non-structurally sound with such a heavy mini on top.