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[ Miko ████████ ]

I'm Miko ████████, a web developer passionate about creating things, both digitally and with my hands.

I'm currently working remotely in █████████ as a web developer, hoping that I can positively impact the world.

I love miniature painting, game-design, creating websites, and some diy electronics.

This blog is a weird mash-up of my favourite aesthetics, taking things from .Hack to Warhammer, and then a weird other vibe on this page. Feel free to sign the guestbook, or send me a message on neocities. I have plenty of web-dev experience and can help with html, css, or js.

This website was made using the Prismic CMS and my own nodejs code. I'm writing a blogpost about the process, though that may never be done.

My favourite Quotes

A dream... It's something you do for yourself, not for others.

Freedom without any purpose feels a whole lot like boredom.